Thursday, 16 December 2010

Twitter - Merchandise - 12"

Firstly, we finally went and got a Twitter, so by all means start to follow us.

We will be using our Twitter to communicate with fans more than our Facebook, so get involved and click the Twitter symbol below to go to our page.

Merchandise. Well well well, due to us being quite involved with the graffiti and street art scene, we decided to go ahead and make some stickers. We'll have a variety of designs that will start coming out but we thought we would begin with a manipulation of something old.

Yes that's right. We'll have loads more stickers slowly creeping out and we'll be trying to get as many artists involved as possible to create all sorts of things to litter the streets with!

We will also have our T-shirts that are coming out soon. Nothing is confirmed but shout outs to DUA for working on the sticker above and a few T-shirt designs. Nothing is confirmed but this is an idea:

Finally, we are at the moment organising our 12" release sheet, so expect some Fent wax out in February from some very very serious names indeed.

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