Saturday, 25 December 2010

Fent Plate Evolution Vol.1 - 18 Artists - Free Download - OUT NOW

" We've been working on this for months. Months and months.

18 Artists hand selected and messaged individually without asking for submissions but by going through SoundCloud and listening to 100's of songs. We finally were able to get to 18 tracks by 18 Artists. We feel this is the type of Dubstep that represents the scene well.

Yeah yeah, you lot can't be bothered to read about all the waffle, you just want the music.

Right so now you have it. 

We are also open for donations and you can donate by clicking here. If you donate, we'll write down your name and address and once we hit our targets we're going to press 2000 copies of this compilation where RedEye have agreed to give it out for free and of course, every single person that donated will get a copy sent in the post.

Thank you for all the support and by all means, sent your friends the download link for the compilation!

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  1. Copped! Will be getting on with my blog post about you guys in a short while. Big blog!