Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Seizure - Us EP - Asian Dubstep? OUT NOW!

Seizure with the first EP for the label with four deep Asian and worldly influenced Dubstep tracks. This is a must for the easy home listening and DJ's. Although supporting the chilled aspect to the Dubstep world the music is deep with a huge underlying sub in most tracks.

Seizure along with all the releases so far features in the FREE FentPlate compilation album ( see previous post ) and hopes to continue to progress through the Dubstep world.

Hear the release here:

If that has swung you over then this release can be purchased from any of the stores below:

Thank you for all the support so far with the label and we hope this is another release in the bag!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Fent Plate Evolution Vol.1 - 18 Artists - Free Download - OUT NOW

" We've been working on this for months. Months and months.

18 Artists hand selected and messaged individually without asking for submissions but by going through SoundCloud and listening to 100's of songs. We finally were able to get to 18 tracks by 18 Artists. We feel this is the type of Dubstep that represents the scene well.

Yeah yeah, you lot can't be bothered to read about all the waffle, you just want the music.

Right so now you have it. 

We are also open for donations and you can donate by clicking here. If you donate, we'll write down your name and address and once we hit our targets we're going to press 2000 copies of this compilation where RedEye have agreed to give it out for free and of course, every single person that donated will get a copy sent in the post.

Thank you for all the support and by all means, sent your friends the download link for the compilation!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Twitter - Merchandise - 12"

Firstly, we finally went and got a Twitter, so by all means start to follow us.

We will be using our Twitter to communicate with fans more than our Facebook, so get involved and click the Twitter symbol below to go to our page.

Merchandise. Well well well, due to us being quite involved with the graffiti and street art scene, we decided to go ahead and make some stickers. We'll have a variety of designs that will start coming out but we thought we would begin with a manipulation of something old.

Yes that's right. We'll have loads more stickers slowly creeping out and we'll be trying to get as many artists involved as possible to create all sorts of things to litter the streets with!

We will also have our T-shirts that are coming out soon. Nothing is confirmed but shout outs to DUA for working on the sticker above and a few T-shirt designs. Nothing is confirmed but this is an idea:

Finally, we are at the moment organising our 12" release sheet, so expect some Fent wax out in February from some very very serious names indeed.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

FentPlateD004 - Twtich OUT NOW!

Released on December 6th. We have been putting out deep and musical pieces but this is something else. Musical it is, but the huge deep bass line would tear up any dance floor. This is Twitch's first release and we hope with a solid amount of exposure he will more releases as this is inevitable.

If you want to listen to this release and hear the full weighty bass within, make sure you have a massive subwoofer.

You know the drill! If you are fully sold then check out the links below and choose your desired store to cop this weighty piece of a beauty.

Thanks for all the support so far and to everyone that has already purchases our releases!!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Blind Prophet - Future Garage & Dubstep (FENTPLATED003)

The American, Blind Prophet, blesses our release sheet with yet another beautiful two bits of music. One song takes a Future garage style and the other a predominant Dubstep feel. As usual, this fits with our style of releases, as long as it's musical and chilled, we are happy to get it out.

As usual we've taken a minute clip of each track for you to have an incite into what it all sounds like:

If you would like to purchase this release, then you know the drill, click on your preferred digital store from the selection below:

 We have huge news coming up about 2011 concerning our free range, more digital releases, over 10 vinyl releases and Fent Plate merchandise. Keep your eyes open!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

FentPlateD002 - Kochari

Our second release came out on the 25th of October. He is an extremely talented producer and we like to pick underrated artists and give them a chance to get noticed. 

He has already been featured in three websites about this release and his fan group is constantly growing.

This is music that touches the heart and we hope you can enjoy it as much as we did. Here are minute samples of each track:

 Kochari - The Truth/ Deep Water (Samples) FENTPLATED002 !!!OUT NOW!!! by FentPlates 

If you enjoyed this release and feel it's worth the odd pound then you can purchase this release at any of these digital stores:

iTunes // Juno // Discogs // Play // Amazon // Tesco // Armada // Beats Digital // Track It Down // eMusic // Audio Jelly // Dogs On Acid // Good Noise 

On another note, the Dubstep Awards are taking place at the minute so click here so you can vote for all those new artists, old artists, old labels and new labels...

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

FentPlateD001 - Box Mouse Out Now!

Welcome to our Blog.

This gives us the chance to let you all know about our releases and any further information about the label.

How to contact us, what we're doing and where you can buy our releases.

Our first one comes from Box Mouse. This was released on October 4th.

This release defines the depth and intelligence of the music we like to promote and if you enjoyed this release then if you can click any of these stores and buy the release there:

Thank you for reading.