Monday, 28 March 2011

Fused Forces - Bunfire/Power Plant 12" - Limited 285 Press - OUT NOW!

At last we have ventured into the vinyl world and we have a solid 12" from two boys coming from East London called Fused Forces. The solid bass weight in Bunfire with the electronic sounds from Power Plant allow both of these tracks to be essential eyes down dance floor business.

Now hitting over 11,000 plays on Soundcloud and getting support by Forensics, Bunzero, Seizure & Fused Forces in mixes, this release is looking to sell out relatively fast.

There have only been 285 pressed and we do not intend to repress this. We have already noticed people selling this 12" for over £12 but you can ignore them for now as we are still in stock!
If you buy direct we will also give you a FREE Evolution Compilation CD which has 18 tracks by some big names! So along with supporting the label directly we are also giving you some deepness for free!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you to the 175 that have already purchased this release!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Macabre Unit take a different approach.. FENTPLATED008

Macabre Unit come through with a deep pair of tracks. These two are not what Demon usually cooks up in the lab and something that will tear up any start to a set to get people moving.
It has a slight future garage vibe and we support any artists deeper side.

Purchase this release here:

Friday, 11 March 2011

A-List - FENTPLATED007 - Out now!

7th release from A-List, we are the first label to back this duo and we genuinely feel that these two will go far, Illicit trade have already expressed interest and have signed up a couple of bits.

This is their first release ever and we think it's a complete stonker.

Smooth rolling beat with solid sub bass. Go a bit lower and listen to the samples and if you're feeling it then cop it from the stores listed below.

 iTunes // Play // Amazon // Juno // Tune Tribe //  Discogs // Tesco // Meteli //  Mixmag // Beats Digital // eMusic // 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Evolution Compilation Update - £2.99 on CD

We will continue to celebrate the raw talent within this compilation and spread their music all across the world. Downloads hit 2000 and that doesn't take into account the amount of re-ups and cheeky Torrent packs that it has been going in.

Thank you to everyone that donated, you should have all received your copies. We put the money together along with a huge investment from ourselves to get these made onto CD.

The CD is very basic, the artwork is printed onto the CD and the CD is popped into a clear plastic sleeve with a track listing label stuck on the back. 

This CD is entirely non-profit. The price covers the cost of the manufacture  of the CD along with the shipping costs and packaging. This will also allow to give away 200 to Red Eye Records in a few months where they have kindly agreed to give them away for free with every order placed.

So would you like a copy?
Buy direct from Fent Plates: Evolution Compilation CD *DIRECT*

Thank you for all the support so far and we will be pushing this compilation for many more months to come!

Gnome - FENTPLATED006 - The next Burial?

Fresh release from Gnome. Huge huge release. Take a listen and be the judge!

Purchase here: