Saturday, 19 March 2011

Entire Fent Plates Records digital catalogue for £3.99. Bargain?

So we have got a bit silly and there are only 11 days left for you to nab this bargain! 

Music from Box Mouse, Kochari, Blind Prophet, Twitch, Seizure, Gnome & A-List.

We want you all to appreciate the deep and chilled vibes in our releases and by taking 75% off the retail price there is no excuse to not be educated by how deep artists can be.



  1. Big up for this. But when is the next 12" release?

  2. Bloggers, get posting this on your blogs and spread the word about this sale!

    Our first 12" is for sale direct from:

    For everyone that orders direct, we will pop in a free evolution compilation CD which retails at £2.99

    The Fused Forces 12" will be in stores next week!

  3. Holy brow brub, that is a good deal.