Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Macabre Unit take a different approach.. FENTPLATED008

Macabre Unit come through with a deep pair of tracks. These two are not what Demon usually cooks up in the lab and something that will tear up any start to a set to get people moving.
It has a slight future garage vibe and we support any artists deeper side.

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  1. Love these sounds, really tight production.

  2. brilliant track, love the techno influence here.

  3. nice stuff, loved macabre unit for time, IMO this is their best stuff since sunshine.

    as an aside, dont suppose you've ever considered a dubtechno/deep house offshoot for fentplates have you?

  4. Agreed. All the chilled Macabre Unit stuff is big.

    Well from a 12" point of view we're keeping things dark, eyes down business.

    Digitally all uplifting Dubstep. But to be honest, if it is smooth then it doesn't really matter what genre you put it in!