Wednesday, 8 December 2010

FentPlateD002 - Kochari

Our second release came out on the 25th of October. He is an extremely talented producer and we like to pick underrated artists and give them a chance to get noticed. 

He has already been featured in three websites about this release and his fan group is constantly growing.

This is music that touches the heart and we hope you can enjoy it as much as we did. Here are minute samples of each track:

 Kochari - The Truth/ Deep Water (Samples) FENTPLATED002 !!!OUT NOW!!! by FentPlates 

If you enjoyed this release and feel it's worth the odd pound then you can purchase this release at any of these digital stores:

iTunes // Juno // Discogs // Play // Amazon // Tesco // Armada // Beats Digital // Track It Down // eMusic // Audio Jelly // Dogs On Acid // Good Noise 

On another note, the Dubstep Awards are taking place at the minute so click here so you can vote for all those new artists, old artists, old labels and new labels...

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