Friday, 9 August 2013

Review: Sorrow - Dreamstone

When we were sent  "Dreamstone" by Sorrow, I was more excited about the vinyl than any other. I have never seen such a beautifully pressed 12". The producer based in Bristol comes through will this collection of music however with such an amazing exterior package, I was hoping the music would hold up too.

Elixir: With a subtle piano, a rolling drum pattern and a warm attenuating sub bass, Sorrow starts the album setting the tone with a cultural exploration of the sound of  "Sorrow".  Soft pieces of distortion dip in and out of the mix adding to the entire texture of the song. Overall, a brilliant start to the album and a beautiful way to end a song. 9/10

Moodswing: Beginning  with the soft sound of birds chirping, this song has some similar resembling parts to "Elxir". I personally prefer the swing in the drums and the use of the vocals panning in and out, but there are elements of this song that are drawn out especially before the breakdown. The switch on the second drop makes the entire song a little bit more minimal which is nice but doesn't add anything to improving my opinion 7/10

Dreamstone Feat. Coma: Coma opens "Dreamstone" which rolls into a softly clapped drum loop with strings panning in and out. Smooth and to the point, this is what a dream would sound like. 9/10

Dalliance Feat. Coma: Bringing the tempo way down to about 120, this song has a beautiful roll. With Coma's voice chiming in and out. This is very similar to Moodswing or Elixir and the only factor that makes it different is the BPM switch. I prefer this to Moodswing, but there is some repetitive aspects to the song. 8/10

Embrace: With a beautiful guitar to open the song, I was sad to not see it used as much as a prominent sound in developing the main body of the track. I like the enclosing sounds that pulsate throughout the mix which ties in beautifully with the name of the song. I like the vocal use in the second drop and the general texture of the track. 8/10

Maelys: Bringing the tempo down but instead with a four by four sequence creates a perfect melody to just bop your head to the beat. There is an obvious "feel good" theme in this song and the entire nature of of the track is uplifting. One of my favourite songs on the whole album. 10/10

Supernova: Coming through with that darker "Burial-esque" vibe. This feels more at home with Sorrow's roots in terms of the flow of the drum pattern, the moving bassline and small cuts that give a hint to Sorrow's Grime background. 8/10

Flowerchild: Another Garage beauty, but this is a little happier than "Supernova". The second drop of this song pulls a rolling bassline melody which is catchy and would do justice on any dance floor. 9/10

Shadowed Doubt: Although this may have elements that I enjoyed, I found it to be quite similar in terms of sound and structure to "Elixir" and "Moodswing". The subtle eastern flutes gave the entire song a different feel, but there were too many similarities for my liking. 6/10

Gallows Hill: This is a better version of "Shadowed Doubt" with a dub influenced bass melody accompanied with a swinging drum pattern. The eastern spacious feel gives the entire mix an "airy" notion and I could easily listen to this on loop whilst at work. The entire way in which it is constructed  reduces the amount of switches or sudden sounds so that the entire song is much more progressive. 8/10

Intruder: On a completely different vibe to the entirety of the album, this Grime sounding track is pushing boundaries for the genre in terms of composition and production quality. This is what I would call "educated Grime". I like how Sorrow concludes the album with "Intruder" as it is the most uplifting track. 10/10

Overall: 8.8

This début album from Sorrow is a well crafted piece of art. The entire album is well composed with a darker start to begin with and then showcasing Sorrow's main talents in jumping between genres and delivering an incredible selection of tracks. There were several tracks that were similar to others on the album, but they all had their own unique style. Monotreme Records have also bundled an amazing package with one of the best records I have ever seen. If someone were to ask me about a good introductory album as to what defines the deeper or more intelligent aspect to Dance, I would give them Dreamstone.

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

12 Free Tracks: Fent Plates Evolution Volume 3

Recently we've got a bunch of new followers and we're worried that people may not be aware of the Evolution series. It all began back in 2010 where we decided we would collect a selection of music, bundle it up, and give it away on Christmas day every year. We also create a limited run of CD versions which can be purchased directly from our site.

1. Ketone - Cote D'Azur
2. Kochari - Cloud Hidden
3. J-One - Vessel
4. Demain - Tribulations Feat. Caps
5. Magu - Essential 
6. Seizure - Heartache
7. Sepia - Winter Is Coming
8. Dank Sinatra - High Times
9. dfaultuzer - With Any Luck
10. Module Module & Temporal - Star Dust
11. Thology - Tale Of How
12. Tülpa - Alpha & Omega

Whether it is Dubstep, House, Hiphop or any other genre, as long as it fits with what we support then we're happy to feature it. If you want to grab Volume 1 and Volume 2 click here. Evolution Volume 4 will be out on December 25th 2013.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


To follow the Arcane EP by Asa that came out on 12" we thought there was no better time than now to introduce a fresh new face onto the scene. We have always been a label that will support the underdog and push artists that make incredible music even though they may not have a substantial following. Our main goal has always been to expose the artist enough so that a bigger label can pick them up.

FPL006 will feature three originals from this new artist accompanied by three remixes. We have always pushed physical retail and this release will be made available in a deluxe Digipack CD. This will be sold at the same price as the digital which will be £4.50.

More information will come out soon.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Review: Phaeleh - Tides

To kick off our album review series, Phaeleh's album "Tides" is going to be the first. Phaeleh has always delivered in terms of quality, but has "Tides" set the benchmark? As an artist there is a clear sign that he is progressively exploring new avenues and constantly expanding his musical reach with diverse and eclectic sounds.

Journey: As the first track on the album, I was quite surprised. I thought it would be an ambient piece that would set the tone for the album. The immediate sudden violins and pre 2010 Dubstep drum pattern was not how I expected the album to kick off but I'm not disappointed. The first thing that surprised me was the subtle tabla (I think) which made me think back to his older tracks like "Rise Featuring Indi Kaur". A very strong start. 9/10

Here Comes The Sun Feat. Soundmouse: Now I've not been much of a fan of Soundmouse, her voice is strong and at points over bearing. I feel there was a bit of a disconnection between the build and the main segment of the track. Listening to the track a few more times, nothing has really gripped me and those cheesy overly disposable lyrics didn't do much to help my opinion. 5/10

Storm Feat. Jess Mills: The sinister and seductive voice of Jess Mills on the introduction instantly grabbed me. The Island Records vocalist blesses the track with some deep lyrics which interlock with the darker vibe of the record. The drum pattern rolls nicely with a slight shuffle which gives the whole track an ever building feel. The lyrics, yet again, are relatively cheesy but they could have been a lot worse. 7/10

Tokoi: Tokoi instantly stood out with a sudden change in BPM from the previous three tracks and an entirely 'feel good' atmosphere. The soft drum licks every now and again help the new melodies connect along with the atmospheric vocals which makes this record an instant favourite. 10/10

Whistling In The Dark Feat. Augustus Ghost: I have always been a big fan of Augustus Ghost with her mature and soft voice. I'm seeing a similar drum pattern in the layout of the more 140BPM orientated tracks which I don't have any complaints about but could find listeners finding repetitive. It also seems that most the lyrics for these vocal tracks are a bit nonsensical and cheesy. 7/10

Tides: Having to listen to this about six times due to it being so short but sometimes the shortest songs are the best ones. The piano melody is captivating and this song in terms of composition, production and melody stands alone. I see why Phaeleh named the album after this. 10/10

Never Fade Away: I'm an absolute sucker for that "warm crackly" sound that imitates that of an old vinyl with a clear digital sound on top. It's nice to see Phaeleh venturing up into the higher BPM's with odd kick patterns, although this track doesn't do any justice to the potential it could have been. The softer percussion can sometimes draw away from the main melodies with an overbearing snare in points. 6/10

Night Lights Feat. Cian Finn: From a production point of view "Night Lights" is one of my favourites with varying snares and that dub influenced warm sub bass melody. It's refreshing to hear Cian's vocals which compliment the entire nature of the song. I felt it was a few minutes too short and the ending was quite abrupt, but that just made me pull it back and listen to it again. 8/10

A Different Time: Similar to "Tides" although with use of some really nicely padded strings. If I'm not mistaken there is some reverse vocal business going on which assists with the two main structural builds. A well produced sound exploration and a brilliant atmospheric piece. 9/10

So Far Away:  I was looking for that "In The Twilight" track and this is it. A well produced build up with strings, rolling percussion, female vocals and splashes of cymbals. There isn't much else to say about this track other than it's an incredible penultimate track.  10/10

Distraction: Bringing the tempo right down with those soft accordion sounding melodies and if I'm not mistaken, I'm sure I heard a spray paint can rattle being sampled. When the entire track comes together after a lengthy two minutes, the clinical drums, soft atmospheric build and weighty sub bass beautifully conclude an incredible album. 8/10

Overall: 8.1/10

After "Cold In You", I didn't know how Phaeleh would top it but this album is an incredible series of music. Although there were a few tracks that let the album down with cheesy vocals or dismissive melodies, the vast majority of this album is timeless and a true testament to the versatility of modern Electronic Dance Music. Not only is the music a notch above, the entire artistic package of the vinyl and CD combination is something anyone would be proud to own. For now, I'm going to go and listen to "Tides" on loop.

Purchase from Redeye / Chemical 

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