Thursday, 8 August 2013

12 Free Tracks: Fent Plates Evolution Volume 3

Recently we've got a bunch of new followers and we're worried that people may not be aware of the Evolution series. It all began back in 2010 where we decided we would collect a selection of music, bundle it up, and give it away on Christmas day every year. We also create a limited run of CD versions which can be purchased directly from our site.

1. Ketone - Cote D'Azur
2. Kochari - Cloud Hidden
3. J-One - Vessel
4. Demain - Tribulations Feat. Caps
5. Magu - Essential 
6. Seizure - Heartache
7. Sepia - Winter Is Coming
8. Dank Sinatra - High Times
9. dfaultuzer - With Any Luck
10. Module Module & Temporal - Star Dust
11. Thology - Tale Of How
12. Tülpa - Alpha & Omega

Whether it is Dubstep, House, Hiphop or any other genre, as long as it fits with what we support then we're happy to feature it. If you want to grab Volume 1 and Volume 2 click here. Evolution Volume 4 will be out on December 25th 2013.

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