Friday, 5 July 2013

The problems Artists are facing

We're going to be using this Blog to write about different problems, issues and other thought provoking articles on topics related to the music industry. A lot of artists entering into the world of music, irrespective as to what genre it is, are facing a saturated marketplace.

We have been monitoring and talking with a selection of artists over the last nine months, in seeing how they develop by using different marketing techniques to expose their music to as many different demographics as possible. In this series we'll look into smaller topics that are always debated between musicians.

When starting up every producer or musician knows that you need material. Once you have your single, or EP, what do you do with it?

We have spoken with a variety of artists and labels and some said that Soundcloud may not be the best place in the world to upload music. Music uploaded to Soundcloud that isn't signed may have just lost its appeal to be signed as it's not exclusive any more. We found this is only applicable to established artists and most labels tend not to sign music that has been up for a few months as music is far too disposable in the current market. 

As a new Artist, treat Soundcloud as your public CV. Only put up the best of the best to ensure that your best foot is always going forward. People are easily prejudice and if an Artist put up a string of below average productions, then Artists run the risk of being associated with that a year later when they have improved their musicality and production.

We have noticed that a lot of producers create music without a goal, continuing to populate their Soundcloud with music that are clips but also remain unsigned. It isn't crucial to be signed but if an artist has a track they want to upload, they should do so claiming it will be part of an EP or part of a project. While finishing the EP or putting the package together an Artist could state that it is forthcoming. Whether this is by giving it away or being sold on Bandcamp, it is up to you. That topic is for our next post.

For now, we ring the same clichés, quality over quantity and so on. But those clichés are more important now than ever where music is something people can obtain for free, music is disposable and everyday hundreds of new Artists are born.

We'll be posting up part two next week.

As for Fent Plates, we have a few new updates with our new website launching in the next few days and we're just finishing off FPL006 which is going to be a CD EP release accompanied with a music video and full merchandising package. We will also be kicking off our mix series on our Mixcloud so make sure you keep your eyes on that.

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